No. 1 hot glue gun to buy in india in 2019 | Buying Guide

There are so many creative projects that can be done using a hot glue gun but when you get to the store or visit an online store, you’re faced with a rack full of them, what do you choose? 

Hello, my name is Piyush and I run a craft store in Hyderabad, India and have been dealing with crafts and handmade materials for 11 years.

Hot glue gun

View of my store in Hyderabad

I have come across with a numerous of glue gun for selling purposes ranging from a mere 150 rupees to 800 rupees of different brands(some branded/some Chinese) and tried each one for my crafting purpose( I love making stuff and handmade items which also helps me to connect with my customer’s interests).

My customers always ask me:

  1. Which hot glue gun will be best for craft purposes?
  2. What are the differences between a low price glue gun and a high priced glue gun?
  3. Which size is good for crafting, a mini-sized or a regular sized hot glue gun?
  4. What should be the ideal power of a hot glue gun?
  5. What are the basic features to look in for a hot glue gun?

I will answer all the questions above according to my experience and will also recommend you some glue guns to buy at the best price, focusing on quality and features for better crafting. So let’s begin.

What size should my hot Glue gun be for ideal craft purposes

Both the normal sized and the mini-sized glue guns are good for craft works.

The size of a glue gun you should buy mainly depends on the glue stick refill.

You should always go for the one whose refill is easily available in the local market.

I will personally recommend you to go for a normal sized glue gun one as the glue sticks for a normal sized glue gun can be found easily.

What should be the ideal power of my Hot Glue gun

The simple theory says the more watts it uses, the faster it can heat your glue sticks. Glue gun comes in two power variants, 40W and 60W.

However, for my fellow craft lovers, I highly recommend you to choose a 40W model, as this low power glue gun works best for small projects and craft works without being getting overheat which creates a mess sometimes.

Not really, Most hot glue guns operate at a single temperature.

Since the only goal of a glue gun is to melt the glue, you will only need to have the glue at one heat level.

The normal voltage of a Glue gun should be 220V- 230V.

My Glue gun Recommendations 

The only basic use of a glue gun is to melt the glue stick when power applied.

Then why should you buy a high price glue gun instead of a low price glue gun as both will do the same job?

Well here comes the brand factor. Some things are innovatively designed and some are market competitors.

You will find a lot of Glue gun on the market and in online marketplaces such as Flipkart or Amazon. You can get as low as 150 rupees glue gun in the market.

I always recommend my customers to buy the Glue gun by Stanley. Well, I also found this product on (I will share the links below)

Stanley 40W Gluepro Trigger Feed Hot Melt Glue Gun – Rs 540.00( in – may vary)

hot glue gun

If you have ever purchased or had a deal in hand tools, you probably have heard about Stanley.

 Stanley hand tools are known for its quality, durability, safety, and design around the world. 

Stanley hand tools are the best choice for the professional tradesman & serious DIY’ers which helps you work better, smarter & faster.

Their Tagline “Own a Stanley hot melt glue gun and experience the difference” truly stands for it. I have used many glue guns but nothing beats Stanley.

Why you should buy Stanley hot glue gun

  • Good Built quality
  • Easy Handling,
  • Long Wire
  • Comes with a one-year guarantee which no other Glue gun guarantees.
  • Fast heat flow within 2 minutes
  • No Glue wastage
  • Symmetrical flow of Glue

If you are looking to purchase a hot glue gun, definitely go for Stanley. It’s a one-time investment. For my Crafters, Click here to get a special discount on this Glue Gun.


The only drawback of Stanley glue gun is that it doesn’t come with an ON/OFF switch inbuilt in it. However, it does not matter having a switch but if it had, it would be great

hot glue gun stanley

.Types of glue sticks

Glue sticks come in different diameters and lengths, but most commonly in a 7/16″ (11mm) width and either 4″ (10cm) to 10″ (25cm) lengths.

Most importantly, check your glue gun recommendations for the appropriate size. I personally prefer the longer length sticks for longer use when both sizes are an option.glue stick

Also, the quality of the glue stick is the most important because the main ingredient of the recipe is the glue stick itself.

Many brands manufacture Glue stick nowadays like makson, bluebird, magic 999, double-bell etc. Some are Chinese, some are Taiwan and some are manufactured in India.

The main difference between them is the weight and the gluing power.

I recommend you to always go for branded glue sticks or any other branded company gluestick as these glue sticks are made with the correct dimensions and gluing power.

Here is a great deal of glue gun sticks I found on Amazon India compatible with Stanley glue gun. Check it out.



Thanks for Reading this article. I hope this article helped you in choosing the perfect Glue gun and the features you should look for a Glue gun. Enjoy Crafting and share.


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  1. hello Piyush—–I bought a hot glue gun in London from a flea market for 2 pounds approx. 200 rupees
    I am taking it with me to Goa. I hope to use it there.spirit of usa that’s the name brand.
    25 watts. 250 volt AC . There is some very interesting stuff on the internet about Glue guns.
    I will be using it for various projects I have in mind.I like your review . Thanks a lot.Cheers.

    Aaron dias London W2.

  2. Thanks Piyush
    For the information.

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