Hot Glue gun price | Best Hot glue gun to buy in India

Hello, Craft lovers. Do you want to buy a glue gun and can’t decide which one to buy? What should be the ideal glue gun price to buy, I am here to help you out.

Hello,my name is Piyush and I run a craft store in Hyderabad, India and have been dealing with crafts and handmade materials for 15 years.


I have come across with a numerous of glue gun for selling purposes ranging from a mere 150 rupees to 800 rupees of different brands(some branded/some Chinese) and tried each one for my crafting purpose( I love making stuff and handmade items which also helps me to connect with my customer’s interests).


Often my customers ask me, which glue gun should I buy or what should be the features to look for in a glue gun. Well, through this website, I am sharing my experiences, recommendations and Guide as to how to choose the best glue for you for better crafting

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The Ideal Glue gun price for a Glue gun

Regarding the Glue gun price, a glue gun in India is available in all ranges from as low as 100 rupees to much higher prices. It totally depends on your craft budget. The only task of a glue gun is to melt the glue stick in a correct order which the glue gun of any range does justice.

The main factors to look into a hot glue gun are:

  1. Built Quality
  2. Durability
  3. Handling Comfort
  4. Glue flow mechanism
  5. Quick heat technology
  6. Power

Glue gun are made by various brands with each having a different price range. Regular Glue guns are cheaper than a branded Glue gun and do not offer any warranty. The quality can be cheap and less durable. Sometimes a nonbranded glue gun can last for years and sometimes it gets dead in days. It all depends on the usage and how to maintain your Glue gun and a little bit on your luck.

However, Branded glue guns come with one-year warranty service and are Quality engineered by professionals. The Glue flow mechanism and quick heat technology and many other features you will only get in a branded glue gun.

Also, if you are a regular user of the Hot glue gun,  even minor differences in comfort soon become really big differences. For occasional use regular guns are fine, but for regular sticking, you’re better off with a corded model with great comfort.

I have tried all types of glue gun of all ranges and from my experience throughout these years, I always suggest to buy a branded glue gun instead of going for a regular one. Its always better to invest your money once instead of investing a couple of times for the same product.

My Recommendations

Stanley 40W Gluepro Trigger Feed Hot Melt Glue Gun – Rs 559.00( in – may vary)

hot glue gun

If you have ever purchased or had a deal in hand tools, you probably have heard about Stanley.

 Stanley hand tools are known for its quality, durability, safety, and design around the world. 

Stanley hand tools are the best choice for the professional tradesman & serious DIY’ers which helps you work better, smarter & faster.

Their Tagline “Own a Stanley hot melt glue gun and experience the difference” truly stands for it. I have used many glue guns but nothing beats Stanley.

Why you should buy Stanley hot glue gun

  • Good Built quality
  • Easy Handling
  • Quality engineered with best handling Comfort
  • Long Wire
  • Comes with a one-year guarantee which no other Glue gun guarantees.
  • Fast heat flow within 2 minutes
  • No Glue wastage
  • Symmetrical flow of Glue

If you are looking to purchase a hot glue gun, definitely go for Stanley. It’s a one-time investment. For my Crafters, Click here to get a special discount on this Glue Gun.

The only drawback of Stanley glue gun is that it doesn’t come with an ON/OFF switch inbuilt in it. However, it does not matter having a switch but if it had, it would be great

Glue gun price


Thanks for Reading this article. I hope this article helped you in choosing the perfect Glue gun and the features you should look for a Glue gun. Enjoy Crafting and share.

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