What to do if you get hot glue gun burns

What to do if you get hot glue gun burns

I have been working with glue guns for a long time(since 11 years) and even though I use them all the time, I still get burned.

Hello, my name is Piyush and I run a craft store in Hyderabad, India and have been dealing with crafts and handmade materials for 15 years.

If someone is burnt, cool the burnt area immediately with cold water for at least 10 minutesFirst aid for hot melt burns

  • Remove rings, bracelets, watches, etc. from the affected area. These may cause tightness or constriction if any swelling occurs.
  • Cool the burnt area immediately with cold running water.
  • Continue cooling with water for at least 10 minutes.
  • A cold compress such as a towel soaked in cold water may be soothing over the burnt area. Apply this only after the initial cooling under cold water.

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Things not to do

  • Do not remove the adhesive from the skin. Once the hot melt has cooled, it will not harm the skin. It will, in fact, protect the burnt area.
  • Do not apply creams, ointments, oils, grease, etc., or put on an adhesive, sticky, or fluffy dressing.
  • Do not prick any blisters.

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Go straight to casualty, after cooling with water and first aid, if

  • The burn has caused the skin to char or turns white. These are known as the third degree or deep burns.
  • The burn has caused the skin to blister, in particular on the face, hands, arms, feet or legs. These are known as the second degree or partial burns.
  • The burn area is larger than the size of the hand of the person affected.
    You should place a non-fluffy, non-adhesive material over larger or more serious burns before going to casualty. Cling-film is ideal and is also soothing.

See a doctor or nurse as soon as possible if

  • The burn becomes infected. The infection causes a spreading redness from the burn which becomes more painful.
  • You are not up to date with tetanus immunization.
  • Blisters occur. You may be happy to deal with small burns with one or two small blisters. However, a blister means a second-degree burn, and it may be best to see a doctor or nurse.


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