Hello, Piyush Here…

And I created this Glue gun Guide blog to help others to choose the best glue gun to buy in India forcraftworkss

I am the owner of a craft shop in Hyderabad, India and been dealing with the craft for 11 years. Various questions always arise in the mind of the customers in my shop while coming to buy glue gun like

  • Which hot glue gun will be best for craft purposes?
  • What are the differences between a low price glue gun and a high priced glue gun?
  • Which size is good for crafting, a mini-sized or a regular sized hot glue gun?
  • What should be the ideal power of a hot glue gun?
  • What are the basic features to look in for a hot glue gun?

I have answered all these questions and also recommended a glue gun to buy to help out the crafters.

Do Read my review and Guide following the link below if you are in a need of a Hot Glue gun.

==> Guide to buying the hot best glue gun in india

Thanks, Happy crafting

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